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everyday saturday

Hey! We’re the Morse’s…an ordinary family of 6 who made some massive changes in early 2020 to create more moments, more memories, and more "Saturdays". We wrapped up a 1 year tour of the USA by RV and have since moved aboard a sailing catamaran to take our adventures to the ocean and beyond! Why are we doing this? The 9a-5p, all the appointments, activities, subdivisions, minivan, amazon packages, cook dinner, clean up, wake up, repeat. You know...THE GRIND. We ditched our normal because we needed some abnormal. We felt like the grind was stealing our time, our treasure, our joy, and even our relationship with our kids. It was time to take it back. We want to show our kids and you that life can be lived differently. Less is more. And our fears a figment of our imagination. It’s regret that is real and when it strikes it’s too late. We’d love for you to get the whole picture so if you’re up for a good binge sesh start at video 1!

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