MASSIVE NEWS 😱 πŸ’™πŸ₯³ Why She DOES [...]
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MASSIVE NEWS 😱 πŸ’™πŸ₯³ Why She DOESN't want to SAIL anymore


Location: Montenegro
Latitude: 42.71000000
Longitude: 19.37000000
Published: 12 Apr 2022

OH NO! What's going on? Rianne DOESN'T want to SAIL anymore. The end of boat life in Montenegro? Sailing Montenegro our final sail? Well not exactly but it is the end of boat life winter and we have perfect sailing conditions to start sailing, but we are not sailing. Not even in Montenegro. We stay at anchor or in the marina for most of the time, marina life it seems nowadays. That's not what I, Gerben, signed up for. Only when the sailing conditions are really perfect, like champagne sailing, then we go out sailing. So what's going on? We do have some massive news to share with you and Rianne will tell us why we aren't sailing. We look back at the beautiful sailing we did to beautiful places like Ventotene and Ponza Italy, the Ionian Islands, Symi and Greece.

Instead of sailing the boys go on an adventure. There's snow on the mountain tops, so Gerben and Benjamin need to explore. They drive all the way up to Lovcen Montenegro. It is a stressful, icy and snowy, but scenic road all the way up to the mountain. With a beautiful view of the Bay of Kotor Montenegro and Porto Montenegro. Join us in this episode and know why we aren't sailing.


Episode #092
⏱ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
01:50 Let’s go to the snow – roadtrip
03:15 Kotor Montenegro – on top of the mountain
03:36 View at Perast and Porto Montenegro – Mountain and snowy views
04:33 Road to Lovcen – unprepared snowy roads
05:43 Crash – slippery roads 🀯
06:35 backing down an iced road ❄️
07:31 We slipped going backwards
08:45 Driving in the clouds – scenic road
11:00 Little road trip Montenegro – scenic road
11:54 Back at Porto Montenegro
12:05 Good morning – perfect conditions to start sailing – but we’re not
12:40 Rianne doesn’t want to sail that much anymore
14:30 Not what I signed up for – at anchor and not sailing all the time
15:11 Good morning Rianne – why aren’t we sailing
16:57 Going back in time – sailing with 3 months old Benjamin πŸ₯°

Thanks for watching, we really appreciate you following our journey every step of the way!

Benjamin, Rianne & Gerben

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