WHERE TO SAIL Our Catamaran Ne [...]
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WHERE TO SAIL Our Catamaran Next?? Mother Nature DECIDES FOR US | Harbors Unknown Ep. 68


Location: Key Biscayne
Latitude: 25.69000000
Longitude: -80.16000000
Published: 9 Jun 2022

WHERE TO SAIL Our Catamaran Next?? Mother Nature DECIDES FOR US | Harbors Unknown Ep. 68

With all of the essential boat repairs and maintenance completed, we are officially starting our voyage sailing around the world! But Mother Nature has said our first sail will be a relatively short one. A front is making its way across Florida, and the wind is from the Northeast so we’re not able to sail back over to the Bahamas. But we CAN sail down to Key Biscayne. We’re learning one of the most important things in boat life is adapting to different circumstances, and understanding that where you are able to sail, may not necessarily be where you PLANNED to sail. Though, because we played by the rules, we received an amazing reward. Join us and our friends Shawn and Gerri, from @unchartedcourses for an epic day on the water!

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If you're new here, Harbors Unknown is the story of two dreamers, Kristin and Fabio Potenti, and our French Bulldog dog Yoda. We sold our home at the beginning of the pandemic (May 27th, 2020) and moved aboard our Seawind 1600 catamaran, Wanderlust, in September, 2020. We're sailing her to Harbors Unknown, to explore the world’s vast cultures through food, a common thread amongst people everywhere. Connecting with people and places through the local cuisine, and showing how those dishes can be cooked on a boat with limited space and resources. We're sharing our adventures as a sailing couple living on a boat and how it’s possible to live an alternative lifestyle that provides freedom and fulfillment. We have set off on our voyage sailing around the world, exploring the beautiful waters of South Florida, the Florida Keys, Bahamas, and the US East Coast. Subscribe now to join our sailing adventure.

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00:00-00:44 Episode Intro
00:45-06:37 Sailing Ft. Lauderdale to Key Biscayne
06:38-08:22 We Caught a FISH
08:23-12:45 Sailing into Biscayne Bay
12:46-14:42 Making Tuna Sashimi