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Gaston Luga Backpack Review. Rowan’s 1st Travel Fashion Unboxing


Location: Almerimar
Latitude: 36.71000000
Longitude: -2.79000000
Published: 30 Oct 2019

Rowan was so excited to finally arrive in Spain to pick up her new Gaston Luga backpack from Sweden. This collaboration is her first unboxing and who knows, could kickstart a new career as a YouTube influencer!.. but only if she can persuade SOMEONE to buy one ;)

We've turned down many collaborations before now because they don't really fit with our lifestyle (costume jewellery anyone?!) but we think these backpacks are pretty practical and cool for a fashion conscious traveller like Rowan. So what'ya think? ;).. if comments are disabled here on YouTube (not by us!) please visit our Facebook page to leave feedback:

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Who are Gaston Luga?
Gaston Luga have recently entered the market and produce uniquely designed backpacks to fit any setting. On top of the minimalist and elegant exterior, functional features such as a pocket specially designed for things needed to be easily accessible yet kept safe (i.e. passport, cash) are also details that make the backpacks extremely practical.

Each backpack is also equipped with an inner tablet/laptop compartment, making it a good choice for work and travel.

Official Website:
Hashtags: @gastonluga #GastonLuga #GastonLugaUK

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