Lightning Storms at Sea,Family [...]
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Lightning Storms at Sea,Family Fun in Greece then Sailing Italy, Sicily & up the Messina Strait Ep52


Location: Strait of Messina
Latitude: 38.17000000
Longitude: 15.63000000
Published: 10 Nov 2019

Sailing the North West coast of Greece from Lefkada to Sivota Mourtos on the Albanian border, we pick up friends and visit our favourite spots along the way - 2 Rocks Bay and Parga. While still beautiful, some anchorages have become over crowded, dirty and even dangerous.

We cross the Ionian Sea, avoiding thunder and lightning storms along the way and travel up the Messina Strait between Southern Italy and Northern Sicily, encountering Italian ferries, sword fish boats (Passerelles) and the first significant tides in the Mediterranean Sea!

Stormy weather, medical problems and mechanical breakdowns aside (!) we still find time for adventure and boatlife, family fun along the way.

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