Life at SEA in the middle of t [...]
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Owner: Outside Watch - SV Skylark

Life at SEA in the middle of the ATLANTIC - OutsideWatch Vlog #25


Location: South Atlantic Ocean
Latitude: -33.72000000
Longitude: -16.00000000
Published: 8 Feb 2023

This time we set off on a 700nm sail from St Helena to Ascension island! There are very few places to stop in the south Atlantic other than these two unique volcanic islands. After 3 weeks enjoying beautiful St Helena, we decided we HAD to check out Ascension as well even though it was slightly out of our way.

The 6 day passage was that of dreams! We had absolutely perfect downwind conditions the entire way and nothing broke!

Ascension is a "working" island. There are about 800 people residing on the island all of whom are either researchers or US Military. No one can just "live" on Ascension, they must be military or on a 2 year research contract. Another fun fact: The former Nasa radio station located on the island was where the first radio transmission from the moon was ever received.

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