Stuck in the Mud;S3/E23
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Owner: Sailing MV Lady Liselot

Stuck in the Mud;S3/E23


Location: Nationaal Park De Biesbosch
Latitude: 51.75000000
Longitude: 4.76000000
Published: 24 Dec 2023

Yes, yes, yes!!! I am a happy sailor! The engine rebuild has finished and everything is up and running. After 4,5 months, the engine is back on board of Lady Liselot and I left Ooltgensplaat to spend some time with my friend along the quay of Waddinxveen. two weeks ago when I decided to edit, I had no idea that we would be able to leave Ooltgensplaat around X-mas, so I then created to some footage of a stranded neighbor in Nature Reserve Biesbosch. Enjoy!
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Join captain Henk-Jan aboard Lady Liselot for an exciting journey through the treacherous tidal waters of the Biesbosch! When Henk-Jan hears a neighbor's boat roar dangerously close to the sandbanks at low tide, he rushes into action for an attempted rescue. Battling against the elements, Henk-Jan maneuvers his boat to reach the stranded neighbor. Though the neighbor initially declines assistance, insisting he can wait for the tide to rise again, Henk-Jan remains on standby, plotting backup plans with his anchor and continuing to monitor the situation. Experience firsthand Henk-Jan's communication expertise as he hails the neighbor on VHF channel 10 and later witnesses the arrival of another assisting boat.
Stranded at low tide. "We do not need your help";S3/E23

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Stranded Neighbor? My Rush to Rescue at Low Tide!;S3/E23

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