WELL, THAT ESCALATED!! Camping [...]
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WELL, THAT ESCALATED!! Camping off the coast of South Australia Ep 343


Location: Tumby Bay
Latitude: -34.37000000
Longitude: 136.10000000
Published: 31 Jan 2024

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WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY!! We have driven over 700km across the state of South Australia to visit Nanna, but also to attend to a long ago container of memories and our past lives...
10 years ago we packed up our lives and moved into a bus named Froth, and drove around Australia for a couple of years. All our items of the time that we wanted to keep, we stored into a shipping container.
We opened up our time capsule and this where things escalate rapidly! Before you know it, the tinny is loaded up and we are off on an adventure!!

#sailing #sailingaroundtheworld #boatlife #sailingfamily #Australia #bluetti #ac70 #ac200l

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