Day 5,246 of Sailing Around Th [...]
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Day 5,246 of Sailing Around The World (A Video Diary) ⛵️ Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 442


Location: French Polynesia
Latitude: -17.68000000
Longitude: -149.41000000
Published: 12 Jan 2024

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This week's video rates 10/10 for chill factor and good vibes 😎 We find ourselves in a small, uninhabited atoll in the Tuamotu Islands of French of the most truly incredible places we’ve ever had the pleasure of dropping our anchor. In our line of living, breathtaking natural beauty is something we’re almost constantly surrounded by. But man, was this place special. Before I sold everything and traded a life of answering emails for sailing, I used to think sailing would be an epic journey. That every day would be an insane adventure. Which it kind of is….but in some ways, it’s also just… living. Not every day is a life or death battle with a squall, spotting land after weeks at sea, or swimming with a baby humpback whale. Some days, we just exist. And today is one of those days. So in this episode, we’re gonna slow things down a bit, and give you the raw and real version of what a day in the life really looks like for us. And today, we invite you to grab a cold one, kick back, and come along for the ride 🏝️

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