Growing Up In The WILD (30 Day [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Delos

Growing Up In The WILD (30 Days on Deserted Island w/ 4 Yr Old...Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 445)


Location: French Polynesia
Latitude: -17.68000000
Longitude: -149.41000000
Published: 2 Feb 2024

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Remember all those books you read as a kid with all the wonders of the world...the vast oceans, incredible wildlife, far off lands and exotic places. Well instead of seeing them in the pages of a book, our daughter Sierra has been lucky enough to witness all of these things with her own eyes. Raising a young child at sea has been by far the greatest, most challenging, and most rewarding chapter of this 10+year journey around the world. And in this week's episode, we get to share in some of the wonder that Sierra feels as we explore a wild and truly untouched paradise. Sierra gets her first pet, we get attacked by an octopus, we have one of our coolest ever underwater experiences EVER, and lots more! grab a cold one, kick back, and join us for this unforgettable time we spent alone on a speck of an atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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