Mono Vs Cat (Amel Cruiser vs L [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Delos

Mono Vs Cat (Amel Cruiser vs Lagoon 450)- SV Delos Ep 361


Location: Cayos Holandeses San Blas
Latitude: 9.59000000
Longitude: -78.70000000
Published: 1 Apr 2022

How does a big ole' cruising ketch match up against a production catamaran? We meet up with our buddy Colin from @Sailing Parlay Revival in San Blas, Panama for a weekend of messing around in boats. When two boats and crews get together it's always a race, and in this case an entire regatta :) There's sailing, beach fires, drinks, laughs, and lot's of friends made. A huge thanks to and @Sailing Parlay Revival for sharing all the amazing footage and especially drone shots!

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