More Than Just a MEANS TO AN E [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Delos

More Than Just a MEANS TO AN END...Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 395


Location: The Sea of Cortez
Latitude: 26.23000000
Longitude: -111.04000000
Published: 6 Jan 2023

We really can't explain this feeling...Every day is different when you live full time on a sailboat, and it's easy to forget that this is what it's all about

After some of the best spinnaker sailing conditions we've had in ages, we arrive to Los Islotes, the southernmost Sea Lion rookery in the entire world. This rocky outcropping is not only incredibly beautiful, it's also home to upwards of 500 California Sea Lions. We get up close and personal with some of its curious and playful residents in the middle of mating season, so it was pretty wild to say the least! And of course little Sierra was the most impressed of all by the antics.

And of after a few days of cruiser bliss, something was bound to break on board, so Brian digs into some more electrical system trouble shooting. Can you guess what failed this time??? 😂

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