Strangest Beach Find EVER πŸ’€ Sa [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Delos

Strangest Beach Find EVER πŸ’€ Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 448


Location: French Polynesia
Latitude: -17.68000000
Longitude: -149.41000000
Published: 23 Feb 2024

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They called an archaeologist after we discovered this 😱 Not a sentence we use in every day life, and case in point of why we love the sailing lifestyle so much...when you wake up every morning, you know that anything could happen! Whether it's a cheeky unexpected swim with a dozen manta rays, a very sporty coastal sail, exploring a totally wild and isolated island, or finding unidentified human remains...there's always an adventure waiting around the corner for us. This will definitely be one of the videos we show to Sierra if she ever tries to call us boring in our older age πŸ˜‚ We will kindly remind her of the time we hiked to a beach in French Polynesia where we found unidentified human remains. We've seen skulls and other skeletons in a few other places like Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Madagascar...but those were all known "attractions" (feels weird calling human remains an attraction, but can't think of the word describe the fact that we went there specifically to see them). This one we actually just spotted it while walking around, and we have no idea of any of the history behind it. So join us in this weeks episode as we try and uncover our very own island mystery!

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