SAILING the world last days to [...]
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Owner: The Cruising Kiwis

SAILING the world last days together


Location: Ko Yao Yai
Latitude: 7.97000000
Longitude: 98.58000000
Published: 18 Feb 2024

SAILING the world last days together

Embracing a live aboard sailing lifestyle, believe it or not, becomes a very level playing field. We meet people from all walks of life who become instant friends because our time together is short. Socialising becomes easy as you share stories of ocean passages, sailing adventure and secret Islands but after only days, or weeks, or if you're lucky months it's time to say goodbye again. Now with modern communication support like starlink it's never been easier to keep in contact. A big thank you to Andre who gifted us our link with the outside word, to keep us safe and in touch with our loved ones and our children who have left the sailing life, as we circumnavigate the world by boat.

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Much love to you all,
Rob, Rachel, Finn, Declan, Ivan

In 1997, after rowing at the Atlanta Olympics, Rob rowed a tiny 7m (22 foot) plywood boat 2,500 miles from Tenerife (Canary Islands) to Barbados (Caribbean). It took six weeks for Rob and rowing partner, Phil Stubbs, to complete winning the inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race.

Skip forward to 2014 and, married with three children, Rob and his wife Rachel purchased Javelot, a 43 ft Fountaine Pajot catamaran. Armed only with Rob's 3 years of racing P class yachts from the age of 11 to 13, and Rachel's non existent sailing knowledge, We set off to learn the ropes of ocean sailing. We broke stuff, replaced stuff and got to know their boat before heading offshore with the kids, Finn (then 13), Declan (then 11) and Ivan (then 8), in tow. Through trial and error we have become confident wayfarers, kind of.
The plan? To sail around the world.
Part of the journey will be retracing Rob’s eldest brother Kerry’s travels at sea. Using Kerry’s original letters from the 1970’s we hope to retrace his movements from Australia through Indonesia and South East Asia to Cambodia where Kerry’s life was cut short after straying into Cambodian waters in 1978. Kerry and two friends were attacked by a Khmer Rouge gun boat, captured, tortured and executed.
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