10 days in Corfu | S4 E13 4K
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Owner: The Sailing Adventures of Captain Svetlana

10 days in Corfu | S4 E13 4K


Location: Corfu Old Town
Latitude: 39.62000000
Longitude: 19.92000000
Published: 28 May 2024

With Svetlana back in the UK I am on my own at anchor in Garitsa bay with a fantastic view of the Citadel and close to Corfu old town. It is not all bikinis and martinis though as the weather turns cold and windy. The outboard going on the blink does not help.

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00:00 previously
00:27 intro
01:11 taking the dogs ashore
04:43 feeding time
04:58 this is our life
06:27 pirates!
06:55 the outboard is kaput
07:55 taking things apart
09:13 fixing things
11:39 a test drive
12:38 getting windy
13:11 Svetlana is delayed
15:23 gusting to 35 knots
18:36 thanks for watching