Episode 57 #CaptainSvetlana [...]
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Owner: The Sailing Adventures of Captain Svetlana

Episode 57 #CaptainSvetlana on (extended) shore leave


Location: United Kingdom
Latitude: 55.38000000
Longitude: -3.44000000
Published: 20 Feb 2022

In the UK for the Holidays, we end up staying longer than expected.

Undeterred, we make use of the time to try out out new Drone and revamp the channel.

00:00 Start - Andy and Svetlana talk about what we have been up to.
07:20 Intro
07:35 Dinner with family
08:18 Fabulous!
08:20 Test fly SwellPro Spry+
08:55 Drone in Flight
09:53 Dogs in the park
11:24 More drone footage
11:48 Outro