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Owner: The Sailing Adventures of Captain Svetlana

Full time sailing - Last minute repairs and unexpected bad weather - S2 - E27


Location: Ionian Islands
Latitude: 0.00000000
Longitude: 0.00000000
Published: 22 Oct 2022

Our bow thruster breaks a week before our guests arrive. This combined with problems with our windlass need to be tackled before we take a week off to go sailing with our friends Rob and Dana.

Getting the boat ready is interrupted as an unexpected storm blows through forcing us to relocate at the last minute.
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00:00 Previously
00:30 Intro
00:45 Fixing a broken windlass
06:20 Bow thruster repairs
12:57 Leaving Paleros as the wind gets up
16:00 Vliho bay getting busy as boats head for a safe haven
17:40 Thanks to our Ko-fi Supporter JP
17:48 Thanks for watching