S2 E1 #CaptainSvetlana retur [...]
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Owner: The Sailing Adventures of Captain Svetlana

S2 E1 #CaptainSvetlana returns to Greece


Location: Greece
Latitude: 39.07000000
Longitude: 21.82000000
Published: 9 Mar 2022

After our extended shore leave in the UK we are excited to return to the beautiful Ionian islands and Captain Svetlana. In this episode we leave the UK via Hull and drive through to Venice for the ferry to Greece. Arriving in Nidri in the evening ready to start our new adventures.

00:00 Introduction
01:33 Loading the car and running repairs
02:50 PCR tests
03:16 Goodby to friends and family
04:08 On our way!
05:20 Checkin
05:37 Welcome to P&O Ferries - This is an upgrade!
07:32 We arrive in Rotterdam
08:12 Rocking through europe!
08:42 Lost in Austria!
09:23 Rocking on to Venice
09:41 Morning Sleepyhead
11:21 Ferry from Venice to Greece
12:05 Greek COVID control:
12:27 We made it
12:30 Outro
13:00 Next week!