Sailing to Kioni for a Birthda [...]
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Owner: The Sailing Adventures of Captain Svetlana

Sailing to Kioni for a Birthday Party | S3 E22


Location: Kioni
Latitude: 38.45000000
Longitude: 20.69000000
Published: 12 Nov 2023

Svetlana's birthday and we have friends in Kioni that are expecting us this evening. The mainsail halyard is installed and the sail is operational again so it is time to head south from Nidri to Kioni.

What a beautiful sail. A fantastic sunset and a lovely anchorage. Kioni is a pretty place with plenty of walks.

Time to head back to Nidri to look at an apartment for the winter and... OOOPS. Our anchor windlass is broken. I am left with trying to MacGyver a repair.

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00:00 Previously
00:35 Intro
01:00 Birthday bubbly
02:42 Sunset
02:55 This is Kioni
05:10 Climbing windmills
06:22 A walk around Kioni
09:20 We're stuck!
09:45 What is wrong with our anchor windlass?
12:40 MacGyvering a fix
13:35 Well that worked - NOT!
14:30 Look that I found
17:40 Chain splitter is fitted - fingers are crossed
18:25 running away from a storm
21:30 Thanks for watching