A beautiful day for a joy ride [...]
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Owner: WEsail

A beautiful day for a joy ride in our matching Highfield dinghies! #beautifulday #daretoexplore


Location: French Polynesia
Latitude: -17.68000000
Longitude: -149.41000000
Published: 8 Jul 2023

Time to go exploring with friends. It’s a beautiful day for a joyride in our matching Highfldield dinghies!


We’re currently living our best life in the remote South Pacific islands, surrounded by breathtaking beauty and our amazing friends by our side. It’s a dream come true! 😍🏝️

Picture-perfect beaches, crystal-clear waters, and tropical landscapes are our daily backdrop as we indulge in what we love most. Whether it’s snorkeling in vibrant coral reefs, diving with hundreds of sharks, zipping around in our dinghies or simply lounging under swaying palm trees, every moment is pure bliss. 🌊🌴