Don’t look back, we have to le [...]
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Don’t look back, we have to leave! | Our visa time is up so we check out and say bye to Greece! #42


Location: Corfu
Latitude: 39.62000000
Longitude: 19.92000000
Published: 24 Mar 2023

Three months have flown by and our sailing season in Schengen is over for the year and so we have to check out of Greece and head back to Montenegro.

Join us as we sail from Lefkas, have one last snorkel in the beautiful azure waters of Two Rock Bay and head to Corfu to show you the check out process for non EU citizens which involves a hot sweaty walk around the ports area to get our passports stamped and hand in our transit log.

With all that done we refuel and set our bow towards Montenegro for our last passage of the season.

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