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Realities of OFF-GRID LIVING and SAILING in San Blas Islands | Harbors Unknown Ep. 78


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Published: 18 Oct 2022

Realities of OFF-GRID LIVING and SAILING in San Blas Islands | Harbors Unknown Ep. 78

The reality of off-grid living, especially as digital nomads, is we need internet and we need to eat, lol. So we had to head back to Linton Bay marina to use the internet and upload some videos. Fortunately on the way there we caught a fish and on the way back to the San Blas we were able to do some sailing.

Once back in the San Blas, we anchor once again in the postcard perfect Holandes Cays, this time in one of the most popular anchorages, the Swimming Pool. The bay is completely surrounded either by islands or coral reef barriers, creating a surface smooth as glass, hence the name. Pockets of reefs dot the water’s interior, just waiting to be explored, but the real allure is the outer reef, where we’ve heard there are some larger fish. We catch some days with very little wind so we head out with our speargun that we’ve NEVER used to try and do some spearfishing.

We realize that we’re part of the ever growing group of travelers putting pressure on these reefs, harvesting marine life for food either by fishing directly or buying fish and seafood from the local people. These are beautiful islands, raw and undeveloped, protected only by their remote location. Fortunately there is not enough land for resort development and we hope the impact of a few people foraging the waters is minimal.

Fabio managed to snag a fish and seeing him with his catch made me even more amped to get my own. But let’s take a step back here. I have fired a spear gun once in my life and was incredibly lucky to catch a grouper. However the shot was totally set up for me, with the fish in a small hole. Now out here on my own, it’s a totally different story and I realize I need to manage expectations. Whenever I set out to learn something new I automatically assume I’ll be able to do it without any struggle but that’s rarely the case. I have to remember to be kind to myself, patient and understand that it takes time and practice. Today it’s not common to see people sharing their struggles but here I’m owning my vulnerability and sharing my learning process and misses with you.

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