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Sailing in FORCE 10 or?? Learning By Doing Ep243


Location: Lizard Island
Latitude: -14.67000000
Longitude: 145.46000000
Published: 17 Oct 2023

#sailing #drone #dronephotography
Wow, now that was an amazing day! Up before dawn to go check out the Yintayin rock shelter on Stanley Island, traditional homeland of the Aba Yalgayi. They lived around this area for at least 6000 years and got moved away from their land during WW2. They left behind some stunning rock art, best I've ever seen.
We then sailed 60nm in varied conditions and ended the day on a perfect little sand cay all alone in the middle of no-where.
During the middle of the day we were sailing through some unusually thick Algae streams and out of interest I threw up the drone and was blown away by what I saw!
One of the resulting images is so good that I decided to offer it to you guys as a fine art print. The image will be printed on the highest quality archival cotton paper and be hand numbered and signed by me. There will only be 10 of each size so this is super limited edition. Contact me at to order.
I've put a lot more time into this edit than I normally do and think its come out well. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it too.
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