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Owner: Sailing SV Delos

KICKED OUT - A Strange encounter in San Blas. - SV Delos Ep. 365


Location: Narganá - Corazó De Jesús
Latitude: 9.23000000
Longitude: -78.19000000
Published: 29 Apr 2022

To get a 1 year supply of Vitamin D + 5 individual travel packs FREE with your first purchase, go to . We try to tread lightly in the places we travel, and respect the local laws and traditions. But sometimes things go sideways. In today's video we decide to leave the outer islands of the San Blas and anchor close to a large non-traditional Kuna Village. We start out by exploring a local river (Rio Diablo) by dinghy. Everything is going to plan until we realize that the water level is incredibly low and the river becomes too shallow for our dinghy. We eventually run aground and have a quick swim before retreating downstream. Nothing ventured nothing gained but we end up having a great time. Then things take a sudden turn. Needing fresh fruit and vegetables we venture into the closest village of Nargana, where our friend Julian we met in the river says he owns a fruit and vegetable stand. Upon approaching the dock we are waved away and told to dock on the other side of the bridge on another island. We go ashore to find an eerily abandoned feeling village blasting music with not a soul to be seen. Wandering around looking for someone to talk to we are approached by a man that says the entire village is closed off to everyone. He gives no explanation other than that. He tells us to leave immediately, instead we end up convincing him to go shopping on our behalf. It was one of our strangest encounters out here, in a place where we have been normally met with nothing but friendly people. You can't win them all I suppose. Not liking the vibe we return to Delos with our meager supply of carrots and onions and set sail, not really knowing where we are going. Just knowing that we didn't want to stay. Such is Sailing Life sometimes.

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