SLOW TV- 75 Minutes of Pure Sa [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Delos

SLOW TV- 75 Minutes of Pure Sailing (Unedited) Sailing S.V. Delos


Location: Pacific Ocean
Latitude: -8.78000000
Longitude: -124.51000000
Published: 30 Jun 2023

Take a glimpse into our 3,000 nautical mile sail across the Pacific Ocean. We wanted to capture the feeling of what it's really like on board - Enjoy 75 minutes of unedited, uninterrupted sights and sounds of sailing. Put this bad boy on in the background while you're at work (cheeky), while sharing a glass of wine and having a super deep conversation with someone special (sexy), or while zoning out with your favorite herbal accoutrements (cozy). Let us know your favorite Slow TV ritual in the comments below!

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