Living aboard. Buying a boat a [...]
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Living aboard. Buying a boat and cruising in the EU


Location: Ionian Sea
Latitude: 37.79000000
Longitude: 18.81000000
Published: 26 Feb 2023

Living in the EU as a non EU citizen is complicated. Throw in a boat and you are into whole new world of bureaucracy.

Having said that life here is sweet and if you follow a few simple rules you too can enjoy many happy times sailing in the med.

I put this video together because a number of you asked me to. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the rules and I am not a lawyer so please take your time to do your own research.

A note on Visas: They apply only to the specific country that issues them and different countries have slightly different rules for their Visas. For the rest of Shenghen the 90 out of 180 rule will still apply so be careful you do not outstay your welcome.

If you are doing the Shenghen shuffle - check the entry requirements and visa requirements for the non Shenghen country you are planning to use.

If you have questions please feel free to put them in the comments and I will try to answer them. When you get over here please let me know and lets get together for a coffee!

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00:18 Intro
00:30 What is Shenghen
02:28 Shenghen countries
04:15 The Shenghen Shuffle
05:15 Alternatives to Shenghen 90 day rule
07:18 Buying a boat in the EU
12:13 That's all folks