S2 E12 #CaptainSvetlana drags [...]
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Owner: The Sailing Adventures of Captain Svetlana

S2 E12 #CaptainSvetlana drags the anchor


Location: Ionian Sea
Latitude: 37.79000000
Longitude: 18.81000000
Published: 17 May 2022

The strong winds are here. Thankfully the engine is fixed or we could be in real trouble.

With our anchor dragging (again) we make the decision that we need to replace it.

Easter holidays and a work trip to the UK make ordering and fitting an issue but what a difference!

00:00 Intro
01:50 Svetlana loses her sailing partner
03:15 It's rough seas
03:25 Our anchor is dragging
04:25 We're changing the anchor but need to change the chain as well
06:30 We need shore power while we wait for the chain.
08:36 An important phone call
09:07 Why we chose the Rocna
10:57 Out with the old
11:53 Double the security
12:05 In with the new
12:49 The shackle doesn't fit
13:55 Look at out shiny new anchor
14:01 First try with our new anchor
14:50 Did you feel it bite?
15:06 There's a trick to raising the anchor
15:28 A user manual?! Really?
15:46 The anchor works
16:24 Outro