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Owner: The Sailing Adventures of Captain Svetlana

Sailing Full Time - A sleepless night and new crew S2 E28


Location: Zakinthos
Latitude: 37.79000000
Longitude: 20.90000000
Published: 1 Nov 2022

Heading south to Zakynthos to pick up new crew. We spend a rough night at Agios Nikolaos. Things get dicy when our mooring line snaps the steel rebar on the quayside!

We make it to Zakynthos Harbour and get ready for our friends Rob and Dana to arrive for a week of sailing.

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00:00 Previously
00:22 Intro
00:37 Leaving Nidri and dirty fenders
01:53 A rough night
04:53 We lost a line
09:15 11am after a sleepless night
11:08 Brave but stupid!
14:25 Motoring in beamy seas
15:37 Deck cleaning
16:35 Meet our new crew
17:44 The church of Saint Dionysius
19:45 Safety first
20:45 Meet Mr Swim Cap!
20:53 Thanks for watching