Turning Inconvenience Into An [...]
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Owner: Gone with the Wynns

Turning Inconvenience Into An Adventure


Location: Marina del Sol Resort & Yacht Club
Latitude: 12.03000000
Longitude: 119.98000000
Published: 28 Apr 2024

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Our week takes an unexpected turn when our efforts to renew our visas fail. We must make a mad dash to civilization or risk being in the Philippines illegally. Because no matter how far away we sail, or how remote the destination, bureaucracy is the one thing we cannot escape.

And, rather than take the easy route, we decided to turn the whole inconvenience into a challenge.

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WE’RE JASON AND NIKKI WYNN. A couple of explorers, modern-day documentarians, and cultivators of curiosity.

We’ve been chasing our curiosity around the world on wheels and keels since 2011. Why? Because curiosity is the key to unlocking life. It pushes us outside our comfort zone, softens our assumptions, and helps us embrace the great unknown. The more we let our curiosity lead the way, the more we discover about ourselves and the world around us.

Things We're Most Curious About...

Our home is also our transportation and we spend weeks away from civilization and sometimes land. So self-reliance and sustainable living are a must. We've learned heaps about renewable energy, managing waste, creating safe drinking water and foraging for food. We carefully manage our resources and we’re always looking for new and better ways to do so.

People are busy (even on remote islands) and travelers are a dime a dozen. It takes time to talk to strangers, and even more time to have a real connection. Going the extra mile to get to know someone is a commitment.

Which is why these are our most treasured experiences. Setting off into the world with curiosity as our guide and nature as our compass. We talk to strangers and accept hospitality without fear or reservations. Both giving and receiving.

These are people who are doing things differently. Forgoing the mainstream, seeking freedom and living on the margins. Creative, unique and inspiring people who challenge our ideas of home and community.

Our journey is ever-evolving but the mission remains the same: #CultivateCuriosity

Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:

00:00 Why Leave Apo Reef?
01:25 Tourist Visa Emergency
02:26 A 30km Adventure on eBikes
04:07 Philippines Visa Renewal Regulations
06:15 Biking Across the Busuanga-Coron Road
07:15 eBiking on Big Hills
08:30 Breakfast Time Yet?
10:36 Friendly People of the Philippines
12:45 The Final PUSH up to the Airport!
14:09 Half-Way eBike Stats
14:41 2-Hour Shipping in the Philippines
16:23 A 30 KM HOT Ride Back!
18:48 Dead Battery & a Long Way To Go
19:47 Traditional Forest Houses of the Philippines
20:44 Filipino Food Stop
21:24 Final 5 KM
22:42 Marina Fees in Busuanga, Philippines
24:04 Final Thoughts on a 65 KM Ride


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